iConnect addresses the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies that adopt NEXI. Nexi Software, the company that worked with the DA’s office to help develop NEXI, provides iConnect as a tool to reduce the time involved, costs, and the possibility of errors when complaints must be retyped into NEXI for electronic submission.

iConnect connects to existing systems which already contain much of the information to be submitted, centralizes the data and supporting documents for review, and when the directive is ready, allows for automatic submission to NEXI.


NEXI promises to increase efficiencies and reduce some costs associated with the old methods of submitting information.

iConnect will further increase efficiencies by directly connecting to your existing systems and applications, and mapping the existing information into iConnect. iConnect will help you avoid:

  • Increase in errors: The risk of error is increased each time information must be retyped into new systems.
  • Inefficient use of resources: Departments are under more pressure than ever to reduce costs, and use personnel efficiently.
  • Process delays: Without careful management, bottlenecks can develop and slow the submission of complaints.


Connect disparate systems for easy access Centralize related content from RMS, photos from DIMMs, and documents from Laser Fiche, and review content for completeness
Easily determine the state of submissions Simply display submission reports to show the state of all submissions
Fewer personnel required to submit complaints Time spent gathering information from existing systems is significantly less than when re-entering all of the data. Personnel can review information for completeness and submit to the District Attorney when ready